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Choice of Class & Representative Of Mass
A mix bag of population,Amravati has a 60:40 ratio of Business and Agricultural community.
Hence the spoken ,read and understood medium of communication is Hindi and Marathi.

Vidharbh comprises of Sectors,Eastern Vidharbha(Nagpur revenue H.Q) and Western Vidharbha (Amravati revenue H.Q)
.About I Crore 25 lac population comes under 5 Dist. of Amravati region i.e.Amravati,Akola,Buldhana,Yavatmal and Washim.
Since it was part of M.P.before sixties,at present out of 1.25 crore population adequate Hindi speaking is there.

The hindi dailies circulated in Amravati Area are published from Nagpur and has spell over coverage in Western Vidharbha.Whereas
pratidin Akhabar is only Hindi daily published from Amravati and has penetration in Western Vidharbh and presence in Eastern Vidharbha.
The Total circulation is over 68,000 copies which is three times more than all Hindi dailies circulated in Western Vidharbha region.
16 to 20 pages Pratidin Akhabar gives 9 pages local news/events.The cover price is Rs.3.50 & 4.00 which is the most costly newspaper,but has a very
quality readership in this region.Our research proves that the subscribers are mainly Rajasthani,Punjabi,Jain,Muslim,Sindhi and Gujrati commmunity and RPC
(Readership per copy)would be 11/13 copies,

Pratidin Special features comlete entertainment bonanza

Bollywood special & many more LALI
A multicolour supplement Lali is devoted to women oriented issues.Film and entertaintment articles are also covered.lali is leisure reading and is very popular among
housewives & teenagers.

A comprehensive coverage of Current Affairs,Health,sports,Art,Literature and general interest reading.

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